What is Essure?

Looking for a permanent non-hormonal birth control option.  Essure may be the answer.

Essure is a 10 minute procedure done right in our office that is 99.83% effective.  And you may resume normal activity within a day.  Most common side effect of the procedure is cramping.

It takes 3 months to form a natural barrier in the fallopian tubes to prevent sperm from reaching the egg so no pregnancy can occur.

You will need to use another form of birth control for those 3 months.

At 3 months an Essure confirmation test will be done by a Radiologist to confirm no tubal patency. This entail injecting contrast dye into uterus and taking an x-ray to see if that dye is able to pass through the fallopian tube.  If not tube is not patent and Essure was effective.

Essure is a very safe procedure and in 10 years over 750,000 Essures have been performed.   It is being covered well with the Affordable Care act and depending on Insurance may be a very inexpensive option vs. vasectomy.

More at www.essure.com

Essure Procedure Video