Have you ever had to hit the reset button on a phone, computer or maybe your Fitbit? Resetting helps flush the garbage out that is interfering with optimal performance. Much like your electronic devices, your body also needs a “reset” every now and again. This can be achieved with a total body cleanse. Cleansing has some pretty freeing benefits and here are a few of the best!

Boosts Energy & Immunity

First things first, we aren’t suggesting drinking water and binging on ice cubes for a few days straight as a cleansing method. That’s just crazy. What we are suggesting is choosing a cleansing routine that won’t rob your system of nutrition, or steal muscle mass in a fight for survival. Not only would you lose energy going that route, but your immune system would also likely suffer.

The proper way to cleanse is slowly, and with a strategic plan set in place to keep your body functioning at its best. Mannatech’s Rejuvenate and Revive 30-Day Cleanse  is an excellent place to start. For this cleanse, a specially formulated protein and plant-based powder, in combination with fruits and veggies, are used over a 30-day period. Hmm… protein, fruits, veggies and cleanse all in the same sentence; how’s that for awesome?

Flushes Out the Toxins

You know, all that grimy stuff no one wants to admit to toting around. Yup, we’re referring to toxins. They hide in the sneakiest of places. In fat cells, intestines, the liver, you name it. Toxins can affect your health in a variety of awful ways, leading to a whole host of problems too numerous to count. When you choose to cleanse however, you offer your body the chance to purge all those nasty toxins, and function even better.

Improves Your Complexion & Hair

With flushing out the bad stuff, you’ll also begin to see an improved complexion and healthier hair. This comes from not only purging the crud, but from the increased intake of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies have been known to improve both hair and skin, so eating more of them is always a good idea whether cleansing or not. As we mentioned earlier, the Mannatech cleanse , which is primarily vegetable and fruit based, is a great system to start with.

Encourages a Healthier Mindset

Overall, being mindful of what you eat, and eating more of what is good for you, is always the goal. By taking part in a cleanse, you are forcing not only your body, but your mind to reset. Changing habits starts from within, and are usually reflected out through our bodies (versus the other way around). By having the discipline to take part in a fruits and veggie based cleanse, you begin to set yourself up for future health success.

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