Most of the time when people think of “cleansing” the body, images of Hollywood superstars drinking cayenne pepper lemon water for days on end seem to appear. Feelings of hunger, pain and discomfort also emerge, and the door quickly closes to the idea. However, what if I told you cleansing, or detoxing, the body has gotten a bad rap? And that cleansing the body could also be a pain-free experience that you may actually enjoy (ok, somewhat enjoy). That is where the Mannatech’s 30-day Refresh and Rejuvenate Cleansing system comes in. With this system you follow a simple 30-day complete plan with easy to implement recipes. The following is a brief overview of the cleansing plan:

First 10 days

The first 10 days consist of primarily eating vegetables, and some fruit, alongside Mannatech’s protein based Osolean, plant-based Nutriverse powder and MannaCLEANSE capsules. During this phase plenty of water, and 150 minutes of light exercise is advised. Downside? No caffeine or alcohol during the entire 30 day plan. So if that is a deal breaker, you probably should stop reading here!

Last 20 Days

During this phase of the cleansing plan you should continue with the same habits as the first 10 day, except increase your exercise level to a moderate level of exertion. You also now have the ability to introduce small increments of lean meats and fish into your diet day by day. Taking the time to slowly introduce foods that you haven’t eaten for a bit can have great benefits. The biggest one being the ability to see whether or not your body has an intolerance to one food or the other. By figuring out your food intolerances (or possible allergies), you are in a better place to improve all aspects of your health including your weight, complexion and digestion (to name a few). This rings true even after the cleansing plan ends. Slowing introducing foods you used to eat back into your diet will help test for any additional intolerances you may have.

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