RF Microneedling 

This procedure offers effective treatment to naturally rejuvenate the skin, dramatically improve scars, and efficiently eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  As an applicator tip is applied to skin, thousands of superficial micro-channels or holes are created. This process stimulates the skins natural ability to heal itself. The repair process begins almost immediately and as a result new collagen and elastin produce softer, firmer skin.  Great for textural issues like those fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and more.


RF Microneedling Menu 

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Collagen Boosting Treatment 

(60 minutes) $395

.... is a laser that stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in deeper layers of the skin.  Stimulating new collagen production is the key to a more radiant, youthful appearance. This procedure is usually performed in a series of treatments with topical numbing that can be applied to your treatment for comfort as needed.  

Recommend Frequency: 3-4 treatmens approximately 4-6 weeks between the treatments. 

What to Know: No sun exposure (even spray tan) 2 weeks prior to treatmen and after.  Skin may feel red, tight and warm after treatment.  Minimal down time. 

Collagen Boosting Treatment with Add On PRP (Vampire Facial) 

(60 mins) $525

Platlelet-Rich Plasma  is a great way to boost certain services to gain maximum affect. When adding PRP to a Collagen Boosting treatment you will speed up the healing process and stimulate the skin renewal, potentially producing better results than microneedling alone.

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Tripollar RF Skin Tightening 

(60 min) $175-425 Depending on Areas Treated

Tripollar RF uses controlled heat to deep dermis which will lead to skin tightening and toning and shaping of muscle groups in the treatment area. This can be combined with Microneedling to gain best results. Can be done on many troublesome body parts like knees, bat wings, etc.