Breast Cancer Screening Option

Breast Thermography has a 90% accuracy of screening for breast cancer compared to mammography that has 80% accuracy. When used together we can have a 95% accuracy.  Please ask about this imaging done here at Simply Women's Health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Thermography


Is Thermography Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, it is not a covered service by insurance companies. At one time thermography was covered and is still being pushed to be a covered service.  Look for a discount off Thermography in May and October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Are you certified in Thermography and who reads the images?

I became certified in thermography in 2013 by Dr. Willian Amalu who has taken a very active role in Thermography research.  He is also the reading physician for Simply Women's Health thermography images.

Any special requirements or instructions for thermography.

When coming to Simply Women's Health for a breast thermogram you are acclimated to a cooler room setting for at least 10 minutes prior to taking images.  Look for the Pre-Instruction Form in Thermography Forms in our office form section.


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